Our Services

Corporate Consulting

The SOPH Team helps organizations within the private and public sectors create solutions to leadership challenges, employee burnout, and intergenerational change through cultural and emotional intelligence.

Executive Level Consulting

The SOPH Team helps executive-level leaders cultivate work-life balance, integrating planning and life interface within the paradigm of balance. Additionally, we specialize in decreasing occupational stress.

Individual Coaching and Consulting

The SOPH Team helps new and emerging leaders in entrepreneurship develop the infrastructure needed to meet and exceed growth goals.

Strategic Consulting

The SOPH Team helps individuals receive the clarity needed to prevent pitfalls and loss in entrepreneurship and executive-level leadership.

Choose Your Best Package

Short-Term Contracting

(1-3 months)
  • The package enclosed is suitable for small business projects and training and development. In the short-term contracting packages, The SOPH Team will provide an OD Consultation Report, an assessment of the need, and provide recommendations for change.

Long-Term Contracting

(6-12 months)
  • The Long-Term Contracting package is set aside for more extensive work in organizational development. The needs are prolonged and developed over time with an option for team coaching and executive-level consulting. The SOPH Team will provide minimal technical assistance to organizations with in-depth plans to create organizational change within phases.

4-Week Individualized Consulting

  • Individualized Consulting is packaged based on the needs of Executive Leaders and new and emerging entrepreneurs. In the individualized consulting, an evaluation of the need will be conducted upon booking. A strategic and industry-specific plan will be recommended based on the results of the assessment

1-hour Discovery Sessions

  • The Discovery Session is set aside for individuals who are uncertain of their specific needs. In the discovery phase, the SOPH team will provide strategy and direction to aid in the successful implementation of industry-specific goals.

Licensing and Compliance

  • The Licensing and Compliance package is designed to decrease the errors in licensing applications and increase the local economy of our clients. The licensing package entails submitting IRS forms SS-4, S-Corp Election Form 2553, C-Corp form 1120, and all Forms required from the Secretary of State’s office. SOPH will provide a one-on-one educational course to ensure an understanding of compliance requirements.