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What we DO

Our methods combat work-family conflict and occupational stress and improve organizational work culture and citizenship behaviors.

SOPH Consulting specializes in strategic consulting and organizational development, collaborating with Start-Up Founders, Entrepreneurs, Organizational Leaders, and Community Leaders to develop system-wide capacity for effectiveness and change.  At SOPH, we believe organizational behavior is the gateway to organizational development and change. We conduct industry-specific research, provide in-depth analysis, and build business models for operational support.

SOPH consultants use evidence-based and evidence-informed practices in organizational behavior, work-life balance, and change management, identifying potential pitfalls while scaling up and improving workflow processes.

Upon request, we work one-on-one with Start-Up Founders and Business Leaders. We utilize the latest theories and techniques, implementing goal-specific strategies within national and multinational organizations and small business entities.

About Our Team

SOPH Partners

Veteran Business Leader

Tarvis J. Nelson, Sr., M.A.

Tarvis J. Nelson, Sr., M.A. is the CEO of SOPH Consulting. Tarvis has over 12 years of experience in organizational leadership, working closely with government and non-government personnel in errors and omissions. Tarvis has a keen sense of awareness in identifying corporate and non-corporate pitfalls with the ability to provide innovative solutions to individuals and organizations. As a US Air Force Veteran, Tarvis specializes in being resilient in an ever-changing economy.  Tarvis has led individuals and corporations to layered transformation through behavioral modifications and innate intelligence with a holistic life approach.

Management and Leadership Consultant

Shenica S. Nelson, DBA

Dr. Shenica Nelson is the COO of SOPH Consulting. Dr. Nelson has over 12 years of experience in Small Business Research, Community Development, Change Management Practices, and Organizational Behavior. Dr. Nelson has over 15 years of experience creating innovative solutions within corporate settings nationally and internationally and over 10 years of experience working with new/emerging entrepreneurs. Dr. Nelson is known for her strategic ability to assist consultants and business experts with scaling up, pitfall prevention, and building a solid industry-specific infrastructure necessary to sustain personal and economic growth. Dr. Nelson is also known for her ability to train and develop organizational leaders utilizing competencies in transformational leadership leading to the successful integration of work/home life balance.

I/O Psychologist

Aundrea T. Harris, Ph.D.

Dr. Aundrea Harris is the Industrial-Organizational Psychologist for SOPH Consulting. Dr. Harris is an International Growth Agent assisting Experts and Contractors with holistic workplace modalities and mindfulness practice techniques leading to the enhancement of employee satisfaction. Dr. Harris has over 30 years of experience helping organizational leaders uproot negative behavioral habits prohibiting personal and professional growth. Dr. Harris is known for Top-Tier Consulting, encouraging organizational leaders to create innovative solutions in the midst of adverse situations growing in competence and culture, providing energy management and leadership and development training.